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Bruce Robinson

Commercial and Industrial Photographer

As a Sydney commercial photographer, my creative fires are lit by gritty industrial sites, documenting the change in technology, communicating the process it takes to get the final object. Making these somewhat dry and boring environments come to life, displaying the importance of the daily task, and elevating the workers to important part of the company's mission, is a role I love photographing. 


Along with large scale architectural building projects that build future communities. Whether it's a commercial or residential building, or even a multi-story car park I love watching the project take shape. I'm always blown away by the fact that some day, I may walk past a project that I photographed 30 years ago with my grandchild and still admire the beauty of the building and the environment that it has created.


My mission is simple, no matter the client, developers, builders, architects or industrial giants. My goal is to make stunning images that tell the tale of the project, however, more importantly is to create a successful sales campaign that gets results for all involved.


So, whether it's in my own backyard in Sydney, or Brisbane, Melbourne, or Perth or even some remote place in Asia, I'm happy to jump on a plane, and turn these not so easy locations and subjects into beautiful pictures that tell the story of the project and delivers the right result.  

bruce robinson photography


PHONE.      0 4 3 2  5 0 6  7 1 5


 ABN.            95 148 028 518                           

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Sydney  -  Brisbane  -  Melbourne 

Photography is more than a look, it's a feeling, it's like clicking with the right people.

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