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Common Areas and Common Sence

Parks are more than just nice appealing spaces for the community to hang out and participate in community activities.

More Common spaces are integrating water quality solutions that give back to the environment, like rain gardens that drain the surrounding areas and clean rainwater, before its moves to another area.

In commercial practices, landscape architect are now implementing system that use reclaim water to irrigate the same park space and common areas. This is then complemented with lush native plants, shrubs and trees, as they are best suited to the environment and their water consumption is in line with the natural rain fall of that area, providing a long-term sustainability. Which creates a pleasant space for all community members to hang out in, as well as increases the native wildlife which is constantly being impacted by ever urban sprawl.

So, my question to homeowners whose blocks are getting smaller, with each new land release? How do we implement these basic ideas into such small plots? When do home builders start to think beyond the shrinking a big home on to a smaller block and not thinking about future generations and the environment which we all live in? And more importantly when do every day folk start to take responsibility, for the environment by changing their actions and by implementing new concepts that will have a direct impact on everybody's lives.

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