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is Video better than stills Photography........

Not to give away my age, I study photography when the likes of Rolling Stone, National Geographical and Vanity Fair Magazines could potentially be found in good doctors, dentists and not to forget the local hairdresser's receptions.

Now fast forward 35 years later the humble magazine is almost extinctic. Modem culture has succumbed to the influence of the screen, whether it's on the train home from work, or the laptop in the home office or reading the iPad at the local cafe. It is fair to say that we are a one click society who likes to be entertained and informed on the move.

This leads me to my opening remark! From your perspective is the still image a beautiful crafted captured moment in time as to the slick and bedazzling video clip that entices all the senses?

In this time frame where technology is getting easier and faster to produce high end imagery, I find it exciting to use all the different formats to communicate the client's message to a wider audience. Instead of asking what's better? I attempt to educate my clients to take on ownership, focus on their vision and effectively communicate their ideas and their visual signature.

To me, a single bold image can focus the mind. It's like getting an old highlighter out of the pencil case and highlighting a single thought. Showing all the beautiful detail of a specific building, at a precise time of day, it creates mood, it allows the viewer to consume the information at their own pace.

On the other hand, video production uses all senses. It allows the viewer to fully immerse themselves in whatever you are trying to convey or sell. It also shows depth, movement, conversations, and emotions which makes it a stronger and a more compelling experience.

Having said all that, have you ever had a conversation with a person, who uses the same tone of voice, the same emotion, same speed of speech? Boring, nothing but boring, the impact is lost, as you turn away and look for someone else to talk with.

The same thing will happen to your campaign if you use only one type of media. In the age of screens everyone is fighting for your attention. So, use both still images and moving images at different points of the campaign. Let still images become punctuation marks in the conversation, and moving images being the general chat that flirts with your potential clients and motivates them to respond to your message.

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