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Timing is everything.

The Age-old question why photographers keep unsocial able hours, to create beautiful pictures? The answer is simple, mood.

Light or the lack of light, can make the image go from a matter-of-fact mechanical picture to an image that sparks the imagination and becomes a call to action.

As an image maker, I always enjoy discussing with the client which time frame would best suit the mood that they want for their images.

However, there are some practical issues that need to be addressed.

  1. The main Aspect of the building is it facing east or west. Or does the sun travel across the building?

  2. Where are the main features and details on the exterior, and do they capture the afternoon or morning light.

  3. Can the internal lights be turned on or is the building occupied by tenants, who may or may not want to corporate with the client which will determine whether they will grant you access.

  4. One lighting condition may not suit all the key features of the build.

  5. Different times of the day can offer different lighting conditions, which can play an important role in the design of the image.

  6. Different times of the year can also have an impact on the light temperature, creating a cooler or warmer tones in your pictures.

  7. For example, shooting on dusk, will give you a slow shutter speed. So, if there is any traffic moving around the build, the blurred car lights may create atmosphere, giving the image a real buzz about it.

For me personally I like to shoot either early morning through to mid-morning, or midafternoon through to dusk, allowing the light to wash across the building to create deep shadows and strong highlights. I find that this lighting conditions also brings out the character and texture of the building materials. It also helps to highlight any leading edges, shows the practical and esthetic nature of balconies and window shades on the exterior.

I also think it helps to hide some of the surrounding environment that may not be attractive to look at and as I said earlier you may capture some interaction between the building and the people that use it.

This to me, is the mark of great buildings and strong developers, building a community that is practicable, whilst shaping people's future, and above all creating a desirable postcode.

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